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It all started when...

I claimed my practice as my own and began to actually have a relationship with my self

That changed everything (and I'm not exaggerating)  Anyway, this isn't about me.

It's about you

Crafting a yoga practice that is specially for you and your needs as they are right now is how yoga was taught back in the day and how we can get the most juice out of our time on our mat and the most intimate connection with life itself. 

It's a great honour to work with students on a one-to-one basis and I feel it's the way I can best serve students who are ready to claim their practice and receive the real benefit of this ancient tradition. 


The exchange 

4 x 1:1 ONLINE sessions over 4 weeks

  initial consultation of 90 mins:

  • pre-consult questionnaire so we can get a clear idea about your dosha constitution and current practice.
  • an in-depth chat regarding diet, lifestyle and how you can incorporate Ayurvedic principles in your daily flow
  • an individualised yoga practice to meet your needs and wants and take you in the direction you want to go. 

3 practice sessions, 60 minutes each  

  • over the next 3 weeks we meet online to practice your individualised sequence and discuss any questions, concerns and insights that have arisen through your home practice. 

Once you have made your booking, you will receive your pre-consult form and an email from me to arrange a time for our initial session.  

To truly know yourself, go in the direction of your curiosity with clarity and continuity
— Amanda Noga
Individualised yoga tuition
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