About Amanda


I am a yoga, meditation and Ayurveda teacher with a passionate love for the ancient arts and sciences from India.

I was first introduced to yoga as a teen but it wasn’t until travelling solo to India in 2005 that the deeper layers of yoga begin to shape my understanding of the world and trickle into my daily life. Since then I have been blessed to return to India almost every year to deepen my personal practice and study with senior teachers and the source. I also feel grateful to have had wonderful teachers in the West, since my first 500hr teacher training in 2009 at The Yoga Space in Perth, Australia. Over the last 5 years I have been studying under the guidance of Shiva Rea, Mark Whitwell and Sally Kempton in anchoring the teachings of the Tantras and the Krishnamaycharya lineage.

I have been fortunate to share my love of yoga with a broad scope of students in a equally broad range of settings. Creating a designated sacred space for students to practice, experiment and evolve was the inspiration to open my studio Yoga Alchemy in 2013.  

However, being confided to four walls and demanding city schedules gave rise to sacred retreat experiences across the globe. My passion for creating space and ritual time for students has taken us from Costa Rica to Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bali, Hawaii and of course, India time and again.

Around this time the importance of community collaboration was becoming increasingly apparent and after countless workshops, urban retreats and community gatherings in and out of the city studio space,  Flow Festival was born in 2015 as an natural extension and embrace of yoga, ancient and modern wisdom and kick ass music.

And now, after letting the bricks & mortar studio go, sharing the love of yoga with our global community has led me to my most treasured passion and purpose, in founding Karma Collab, a social enterprise that raises funds for impoverished girls in India, to receive education, which ultimately empowers and elevates women everywhere.

Teaching and creating in this way is a profound joy and a real privilege. I look forward to sharing this beloved practice and path with you. 


Amanda Noga is a yoga teacher and creator from the west coast of Australia, seeking to discover the meaning of life; yoga’s wisdom has reealed that creating spaces to come together in conscious community and collaboration brings meaning to life itself.

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