sunday session: health & yoga for fertility, pregnancy & baby

This informative session incorporating yoga and health will focus on nourishing the body for fertility, conception and pregnancy.

limited numbers, bookings required $60

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Sarah Hopkins is a Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach (CHEK) with a passion for all things health related.  Sarah runs a successful business helping people achieve their health and lifestyle goals, including healthy conception, pregnancy and beyond.

Carmela Lacey is a well-known teacher on the Perth yoga scene for over 15 years. During her own pregnancy, she discovered the many advantages of continuing a yoga practice which benefited both herself and her baby - during this practice she compiled a series of postures best suited for expectant mothers


This practical and educational workshop will include:


·      Eating for fertility

·      The importance of nutrient density

·      Toxicity and what not to eat.

·      Lifestyle factors

·      Yoga for pregnancy, presented by Carmela Lacey.

limited numbers, bookings required $60

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Yoga Alchemy bsb 302 162 acc# 0480860

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Feast on the wealth of knowledge these two powerhouse woman have on prenatal health! 

Feel free to email with any questions you may have