backbends + bandhas : 6 week course



@ Tonic Yoga

Have you had the experience of feeling LIGHT in your backbends? If not, I want to share with you, the key to activating the most expansive family of asana. And it’s all about bandhas.


Over the curse of 6 weeks we are going to unpack the 3 key bandhas for yoga and pranayama; Moola bandha, Udyana bandha and Jalandhara bandha (pelvic floor, navel + chin) How they transform our practice into feeling energizing and light as well as utilizing them while ‘in the flow’


The physical focus of each session will be on preparing the body for backbending with abdominal and core activation and then moving progressively into deeper backbends as we build strength and free up tension from the spine. Each class will close with forward bending counter-asana to restore balance.  Each week, we will also explore different breathing techniques (pranayama) that are supported by using the bandhas.